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Welcome to HiTech !

At HiTech, we recognise the value of our candidates and pay attention to the needs and requests of everyone. We do our best for you, always.

For many years, HiTech has developed a vast network of highly skilled key professionals who have enjoyed the benefits of dealing with us.

People value HiTech's reputation, experience and track record. We have a personal approach with credibility and professional ethics.

As a candidate of HiTech's, we focus on making your job search easier, better and more effective than ever before.

The object is to get you what you want and match you properly with our clients' job requirements. Our approach is simple: Be honest and talk straight with everyone.

When we communicate, we strive to be clear, polite and concise as we value everybody's time and respect their opinion. Honesty gives us credibility. It is important and the main reason we exist today, after 26 years, when most, if not all, of our competitors have disappeared.

Our intention is always to do the right thing by you. We do our best for you, deliver on our promises and honour our agreements. We expect the same from you. We prefer to deal with honest and direct people who value our service and do the right thing by us and our clients.

Our after-placement care program is an industry leading service that we have pioneered with the object of adding real value to you. The HiTech contractor care program is designed to take care of all your contractual and pay related matters so that you only focus on the job at hand and develop your career while we take care of the rest (getting you the right job, contract, negotiations with our clients, getting you more jobs, contracts or extensions etc).

We invite you to try the HiTech service and search for that new job opportunity now.