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HiTech Group Australia Ltd (Trading as HiTech Personnel) was incorporated in 1993 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on 17 April, 2000. ASX code: HIT.

Since 1993, we have been a driving force in the recruitment industry with an enviable reputation for providing excellence in recruitment and consulting services to the public and private sector.

We are recognised as one of Australia’s most established firms in our industry with a management team focused on achieving top results for our stakeholders including: clients, candidates, staff members and shareholders. 


The Board of Directors consists of three members who have a proud heritage of having recruitment and consulting industry expertise:

*Ray Hazouri (Chairman): Founder and former CEO of HiTech. More than 24 years recruitment industry experience.

*George Shad (Non-Executive Director): Director since 2003. Principal of Shad Partners Solicitors with extensive knowledge of the Recruitment industry.

*Elias Hazouri (CEO): Current CEO and Director of HiTech since inception. More than 24 years recruitment & ICT consulting industry experience. 


Research Reports [These reports should not be read as HiTech endorsing the contents of the reports, including any price target, earnings forecast or other statements about HiTech’s prospects]:

  1. August 2018 Analyst Report
  2. February 2018 Analyst Report
  3. HIT Analyst Report
  4. Annual Report FY2018
  5. First Half FY2019 Investor Presentation
  6. H1FY2019 Appendix 4D - Full Accounts
  7. FY2019 Appendix 4E
  8. FY2019 Results Summary
  9. HiTech FY2019 Results - Investor Presentation
  10. FY2019 Chairman's Address
  11. Annual Report FY2019
  12. H1FY2020 Appendix 4D - Full Accounts
  13. H1FY2020 Results Summary
  14. Full Year FY2020 Appendix 4E
  15. FY2020 Results - Investor Presentation
  16. FY2020 Results Summary
  17. FY2020 Chairman's Address
  18. H1 FY2021 Appendix 4D - Full Accounts
  19. H1 FY2021 Results Summary
  20. H1 FY2021 Investor Presentation

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Compliance Documents

Our corporate structure is simple yet efficient, much the same as we run our business. We are committed to delivering strong shareholder returns just as we have been doing for many years. The HiTech board is focused on supporting the broader group in its pursuit of business success and has set procedures in place to ensure complete compliance with ASX and ASIC rules and regulations.

  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. Audit Committee Charter
  4. Risk Management Policy
  5. Stakeholder Communication