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Reference # Title Location Worktype Apply
JF/NB0007 Analyst Programmer / Application Specialist - .NET, C# VIC Permanent
JF/EH0213 Part Time Accountant/BookKeeper - MYOB, 3 to 4 days per week NSW Permanent
JF/NL0065 Software Developer - Cyber Security, Java Python, Linux, Unix ACT Contract
JF/NL0063 Dynamics CRM Developer - Dynamics 365, Cloud, Dynamics V8, V9 ACT Contract
JF/NL0074 Cyber Security Specialist & Architect - FED GOVT Cloud VMware Security Architecture ACT Contract
JF/SZ0125 Multiple Test Analysts - HP ALm, Jira, Confluence, Selenium ACT Contract
JF/AB1266 Project Manager - Data, Infrastructure - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0079 Data Analyst - SQL Azure Power BI Agile Prince2 ACT Contract
JF/NL0082 Software Tester - Agile Azure Sharepoint ACT Contract
JF/NL0083 Data Analyst - Power BI, SQL ACT Contract
JF/SZ0131 Business Analyst - Agile, Azure, DevOps, Data Flows, Artefacts - Fed Govt NSW Contract
JF/NL0089 Delivery Manager - LONG TERM, AGILE CRM, JBoss, Kafka & JavaScript NSW Contract
JF/AB1275 Compliance Officer - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JA0114 Project Manager - Analytics, BI, Azure DevOps - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/AB1278 Mainframe Developers - COBOL, CICS, DB2 - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1279 API Designer / Integration Designer - OpenAPI, JSON - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1280 Agile Project Manager - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1281 Project Manager - Data, Prince2, Agile - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0093 Senior Solution Architect - Application, Modernisation FED GOVT NSW Contract
JF/NL0094 Dynamics 365 Architect - Azure integration Agile (SAFe) - FED GOVT Long term contract ACT Contract
JF/LS0855 ICT Network Engineer - Cisco - LAN - WAN - Federal GOVT ACT Contract
JF/AR0469 Project Coordinator - MS Office Suite - Agile - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AR0472 Senior Linux Engineer - RHEL Servers - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AR0473 C# Developer - XML Data - ASP.Net - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/SZ0139 Communications and Engagement Officer - Content, Graphic Design, Blogs, Infographics - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/LS0856 Windows desktop Engineer - SCCM, Active Directory, Azure - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0096 Business Analyst - Agile, User Stories, Kanban DevOps Scrum Master - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/NL0097 DevOps engineer - Azure DevOps, Strategic Transformation Cloud & On-Premise ACT Contract
JF/LS0859 Product Manager - MULTIPLE ROLES - Federal Government Agency ACT Contract
JF/AR0476 Level 2 Support Analyst - Application Support / Process Improvement - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1287 Project Managers - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/AR0449 PEGA Business System Architect - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0121 AWS Cloud Administrator & VMware Administrator - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/AB1288 Digital Marketing Coordinator / Assistant - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/NL0099 Front End Developer - Drupal 8/9, JS Framework, PHP Git HTML ACT Contract
JF/NL0100 Senior Test Analyst - Automation, AWS WCAG CI/CD C# ACT Contract
JF/AB1289 Project Coordinator - Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft 365, Asset Tracking ACT Contract
JF/AR0479 Front End Developer X 2 - HTML, WCAG 2.1, CSS, REACT - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/LS0863 DevOps Automation Specialist - Azure DevOps and TFS - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/SZ0141 Solutions Architect - Roadmaps, Blueprints, Cloud - Fed Govt VIC Contract
JF/AB1290 Software Engineers - Java, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/AB1291 Junior Software Developer - Java, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/LS0866 Graphic Designer - Adobe, user-Centred Design - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0101 Data Engineer - SQL, Power BI, Azure SQL ACT Contract
JF/NL0102 DevOps/Testing Specialist - Reporting ACT Contract
JF/AB1286 Qlik Sense Developers - Multiple roles - Applications - Fed GOVT ACT Contract
JF/AR0480 Platform Engineer (DevOps)- Kubernetes / Docker - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/AR0481 Solution Architect - Modernisation Program - Vendor Engagement - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1292 Automation Testers - Selenium, Java - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AR0482 Software Test Analyst - CRM/Dynamics 365 - Azure - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1293 Project Manager - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/SZ0145 3 x ICT Service Desk Officer - Level 1 Support, Applications, Desktop, Devices, ICTSM - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1295 Senior Test Analyst - Dynamics CRM 365 - Azure - Federal Government VIC Contract
JF/AR0484 Manual Tester - Dynamics 365 / Azure / DevOps - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0130 Business Analyst Change Specialist - Agile, data enhancement - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JJ1769 ICT Project Co-ordinator - Azure DevOps, Microsoft Project ACT Contract
JF/LS0867 Project Delivery manager / Scrum master - Software Development - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/NL0106 Senior Drupal Developer - Drupal 7 & 8, GovCMS QLD Contract
JF/JA0131 Project Manager- Digital Transformation - CRM - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/LS0869 Visual Designer - InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere & After Effects ACT Contract
JF/NL0107 Front End Developer - GovCMS, Drupal 8 SEO, WCAG NSW Contract
JF/SZ0147 Program Metrics Business Analyst - Data, Modelling, PowerBI - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0486 Java EE Developer- DevOps- CI/CD- Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AR0487 Senior Test Analyst - COTS - DevOps - SQL - TOSCA - Agile - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/NL0108 2 x Cyber Security Specialists - Certification & Accreditation, SSP, SOA ISM & PSPF ACT Contract
JF/SZ0149 Senior .Net Full-Stack Developer - UI, Integration, Backend, Database - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/SZ0150 Technical Writer - Bespoke Software, SOPs, Design Specs - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1296 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer - SSIS, Azure, Online - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/JB0432 Customer Service Officer - Long term Opportunity Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JJ1773 Test Analyst - TFS / DevOps, API, Mobile Testing ACT Contract
JF/LS0872 Business Analyst - Digital transformation - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/NL0109 Security Officer - Security policies and procedures, Vetting clearances PSPF NSW Contract
JF/JA0135 Secretariat Support Officers - MS Office, TRIM, GovTEAMS - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/SZ0130 Management Accountant - External Budgets - CPA, CA, CIMA - Fed Govt QLD Contract
JF/JB0433 MULTIPLE Medical Device Investigators - Medical Science, Bio-Medical - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/LS0873 MULTIPLE Business Analysts - BPMN, SPARX - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0874 Security Assurance manager - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0111 Program & Project Support Officers - Dashboards, Artefacts EDRMS ACT Contract
JF/AB1298 Front End Developer / Designer - VueJS, JavaScript, React - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1299 Software Tester - Agile, GovCMS, API - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/AR0489 System Support / Helpdesk Officers - Data Analysis - Sharepoint - Federal Govt! NSW Permanent
JF/JA0136 Web Design/ SharePoint/ Communications Officer - Sharepoint, Graphic design - Federal Govt! NSW Permanent
JF/JA0137 Administrative Support Officer - HR, MS Office, TRIM, GovTEAMS - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JB0436 Technical Medical Device Assessors - Legislative Reports, IVDS, Biotechnology ACT Contract
JF/LS0875 Fullstack developer - .NET, Web API, REST - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0876 Business Analyst - Data Management - Federal Government QLD Contract
JF/JJ1776 Data Visualisation Developers/Data Developers - Power BI, DAX, Azure ACT Contract
JF/SZ0152 SQL Server Database Developer - 2016,17,19, SSIS, T-SQL - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1300 Senior Cloud Solution Architect - AWS, Azure, DevOps - Federal Government! VIC Contract
JF/NL0112 SAP Payroll Specialist - HR SAP Payroll, FED GOVT NSW Contract
JF/SZ0153 Articulate eLearning Developer - Storyline 360, WCAG, PSPF - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/SZ0154 Business Analyst - User Experience, Service Design - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JA0139 Complaints Handling Officer - Federal Govt! VIC Contract
JF/JB0441 APS6 Behaviour Support Officer - Evaluation Reporting, VIC Contract
JF/JJ1777 Test Manager - Devops, FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/JA0140 Complaints and Reportable Incidents Officers - Federal Govt! VIC Contract
JF/JA0141 Communications Officer - Strategic, Regulatory, TRIM, GovTeams, - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/LS0879 Provisioning Support officer - netowrk Roll-out - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0054 Social Media Officer - FED GOVT content creation & performance ACT Contract
JF/JA0142 Business Analyst - Agile, data enhancement, transformative program - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JJ1779 Senior Test Analyst/ Test Lead - Dynamics CRM, automation ACT Contract
JF/LS0881 Data and Business analyst - Strategic Business Transformation - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1302 Technical Policy Writer - Innovative Federal Government Agency ACT Contract
JF/JA0143 Senior AWS Cloud engineer - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JA0144 Business Analyst - Agile, data, digital transformation - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JB0443 Regulatory Scientist - Medicines - Assessments - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JJ1780 Business Solution Analyst - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/SZ0159 Microbiologist - Sterilisation, Assessments, Reporting - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1264 Mainframe Developers / COBOL Programmers - CICS, DB2 - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AR0492 Benefits Manager- Risk management- Digital identity- Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/NL0113 Penetration Tester - Cyber Security NSW Contract
JF/AB1303 Specialist TOSCA Tester - User Interface, Web Services, SQL ACT Contract
JF/AR0343 .Net Solutions Developer - DevOps / Web API / TypeScript - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/AR0493 Records Management officer (APS4)- Digitisation - HPE / CM9 - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JA0145 Development Manager/ Technical Lead/ Foundry Manager - Palantir, JAVA, Scala - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JB0444 MULTIPLE - Senior Project Management Officer - Agile, PMO - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JA0146 Complaints Handling Officer - Federal Govt! VIC Contract
JF/JJ1782 System Administrator - Microsoft, O365, LAN, Avaya ACT Contract
JF/NL0116 Solution Architect - Cyber Security Linux Infrastructure ACT Contract
JF/JB0447 Multiple UX Designer - HCD, UX, UI, Digital - National Program of Work - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JB0448 Application Assessor - Administration, Legislation, Compliance - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JB0449 Product Manager - Supply Chain, Logistics, Product Development - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0885 SAP Payroll Officer - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0117 Manual/Automation Testers - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/NL0118 DevOps Engineer - LONG TERM - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/NL0119 Security Solution architect - ISM PSPF IRAP Hadoop FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/AB1307 Cold Fusion Developer - SDLC, SQL, Java, Oracle, Siebel ACT Contract
JF/AR0498 Solutions Architect - WofG - Modernisation program- Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0148 Business Analyst - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JA0149 Senior Business Analyst - Applications / Business Process - Federal Govt! VIC Contract
JF/JA0150 Senior Test Analysts - Federal Govt! QLD Contract
JF/JB0450 Business Analyst - MS Visio, CRM artefacts, business process maps modelling, ACT Contract
JF/JB0451 MULTIPLE Senior Developers x 3 (Web and Integration) - JavaScript, ES6 ACT Contract
JF/LS0883 Level 2 support officer - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0884 Software developer - Java, Python - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0887 front end developer - HTML, CSS - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/NL0120 DevOps Developer - Kubernetes, Linux, Azure, Python - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/SZ0158 SAP TRM/BRF+ Solution Consultant - TRM, BRF+, FICO, FICA - State Govt NSW Contract
JF/JA0147 Data Engineer - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JJ1786 Solution Architects - Azure, M365, COTS, PaaS, SaaS ACT Contract
JF/NL0121 Test Analyst - Manual/Automation - Azure DevOps Agile ISTQB - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/AR0499 Project Manager - Transformation - Vendor management - Federal Government! VIC Contract
JF/JA0126 Data Analyst/ Statistician - PowerBI, Digital WOG Project - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JA0151 COOL GEN Developers - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JB0452 Project Manager - Applications Transformation - ICT, PMBOK, Pronce 2, ACT Contract
JF/JJ1787 Service Designer - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/NL0122 Manual Test Analyst - Agile, Waterfall System Integration ACT Contract
JF/JA0152 PEGA Developer - PRPC, UAT - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JA0153 3 x Server, Virtualisation and Network Infrastructure Engineers - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JB0453 Business Analyst - User stories, UAT - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/LS0892 Senior Web Developer - React - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/LS0893 Cloud VmWare Engineer - Federal Government Department VIC Contract
JF/NL0123 Multiple Test Analysts - Web based, Applications - Agile FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/NL0124 Test Analyst - MULTIPLE LOCATIONS - DevOps Dynamics VIC Contract
JF/SZ0160 Scrum Master - Digital, Agile, Scrum, Kanban - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0495 PEGA Developer - Java / BPM Applications - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AR0496 Solution Architect - Applications / Secure Coding - Federal Government! VIC Contract
JF/AR0500 Pega System Architect - REST / OpenShift - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0129 .Net Developer - Dynamics 365, Azure PowerShell - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JA0154 Application Manager / Service Delivery Manager - Federal Govt! VIC Contract
JF/JB0454 Business Analyst - Human Centred Design (HCD) ACT Contract
JF/JJ1789 IT Procurement and Project Officer ACT Contract
JF/LS0890 Program manager - SOE Implementation ACT Contract
JF/LS0891 Business analyst - Multiple roles - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0894 Technical Writer - Multiple Roles -Federal government ACT Contract
JF/NL0125 MULTIPLE Microsoft Dynamics Developers NSW Contract
JF/SZ0161 Web Application Developer -, APIs, Apache, SQL - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/LS0889 User Researcher/ Service Design - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/JB0455 APS 6 Scientific Compliance Evaluator ACT Contract
JF/JB0456 Application Security Specialist - ISM, NIST, PSPF - Fed Govt VIC Contract
JF/JJ1783 ICT Procurement and Contracts Officer ACT Contract
JF/JJ1784 IT Project Manager ACT Contract
JF/JJ1785 Data Warehouse developer- ETL-SSAS-SSIS- Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JJ1790 Service Transition Coordinator ACT Contract
JF/JJ1791 Data science analyst -R, SQL- extracting, validating and cleansing data - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JJ1792 2x Data Analysts – Customs Data Preparation Services- Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JJ1793 Microsoft Azure Dynamics and .Net Specialist NSW Contract
JF/LS0880 User Researcher - Website redesign - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0886 Integration solution architect - Federal Government SA Contract
JF/LS0895 Delivery manager - CRM - Federal government NSW Contract
JF/SZ0162 Project Manager - Disaster Recovery, Load/Capacity testing - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JJ1794 Administration/ Secretariat Support Officer ACT Contract
JF/AB1308 Senior ICT Security Project/ Program Managers - PMBOK, Prince2, Agile, ITSM ACT Contract
JF/AR0502 Delivery Manager - Multiple Positions - ICT Projects - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AR0503 Data Engineer - Java / Hadoop / Scala - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/SZ0163 Information Security Business Analyst ACT Contract
JF/SZ0164 Senior ICT Project/Program Managers - Reports, Artefacts, Documentation - ICT Projects - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1269 Program / Project Administrator - CAD ACT Contract
JF/AR0504 Multiple x Architects (Enterprise/Solution) - D365 / Azure - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0156 PMO LEAD - State Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JA0157 Multiple Interaction Designer - HTML/ CSS/SASS - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JB0457 Laboratories Technical Assistant - ISO 17025, Laboratory Samples NSW Contract
JF/JB0458 UI | UX Designer ACT Contract
JF/JJ1795 Power BI Developer ACT Contract
JF/LS0882 Project Manager - Design Thinking - HR & Finance - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/LS0896 Digital Business Analyst - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/NL0127 Data Analyst/Researcher - Survey Data, Statistical Analysis - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/SZ0165 CRM Product Manager - Dynamics 365, Agile Delivery, Product Backlog - Fed Govt NSW Contract
JF/AB1305 Data Architect - Hadoop - Data Lakes - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1306 Data and Integration Architect - API - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/AB1311 Full Stack .NET Developers - Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1314 .NET Full Stack Developer - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1315 IT Service Desk / IT Support Officer - Customer Services - Managed Services Provider NSW Permanent
JF/SZ0166 3x Data Engineers - Linux, Python, AWS - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0320 Senior Infrastructure Engineer - Red Hat / Linux - Fed Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0158 Multiple x Data/System Analyst Modellers - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JA0159 Program Manager - SAP - GovERP - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JB0460 MULTIPLE Administration Support Officers - Documentation, Briefs, Minutes, Reception - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0506 Test Automation Engineers (C#) - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0462 Agile Project Officer - SAFe, PRINCE2, Agile, Artefacts, Stakeholder Engagement - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JB0463 Interaction Designer / UX/UI Designer - Data Visualisation, User Journeys, PowerBI, Click NSW Contract
JF/LS0898 Delivery Manager - Agile - Scrum - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/LS0899 Delivery Manager - Multiple roles - Digital - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/NL0061 Procurement Manager - FED GOVT Stakeholder Management Contract Procurement ACT Contract
JF/AR0373 IT Service Desk Analyst - ITIL / AD / Citrix / Telephony - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0160 Claims Manager - Federal Govt! VIC Contract
JF/JB0464 Complaints & Reportable Incidents Officers x 2 - Customer service, Documentation, Fed Govt WA Contract
JF/LS0900 Technical Consultant - C#, JavaScript - Global organisation NSW Contract
JF/AB1318 Scrum Master - Salesforce, CI/CD, Agile and DevOps - Government VIC Contract
JF/JA0161 Program officer / Program Coordinator - Quality Assurance | Policy & Procedures- Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JB0465 Delivery Manager - SAP, SAP HANA, SAP ERP - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JB0466 Complaints Handling Officer - Dispute Resolution, Complaint Escalation VIC Contract
JF/JA0162 Automation Testers - Selenium, Salesforce, CI/CD, REST API - Federal Government! VIC Contract
JF/JA0163 Multiple Systems Administrators - Microsoft, AWS, VMware - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JJ1767 IT Service Desk Analyst - Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Mobility Devices ACT Contract
JF/JJ1796 Data Analyst ACT Contract
JF/NL0103 Service Designer - Human Centered Design - FED GOVT NSW Contract
JF/SZ0169 Infrastructure Test Analyst - Functional, Non Functional, automation - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0509 Digital Health Officer - Digital Innovations & Solutions - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/JB0469 Project officers- Data linkage , Experience Blueprint, Roadmap - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/NL0131 MULTIPLE Cyber Security Analysts - FED GOVT NSW Contract
JF/NL0132 GovCMS/Drupal Developer - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/NL0133 IT Security Lead & security Operator MULTIPLE ROLES - ACT Contract
JF/NL0134 MULTIPLE Information Security Analysts ACT Contract
JF/SZ0119 Technical Writers - Technical, SOPs, Design Specs - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0510 2 x Front End Developer - HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/JA0165 Senior Angular Developer - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JB0467 API Tester - Cloud Applications, Selenium, Cucumber NSW Contract
JF/JB0471 Platform Architect NSW Contract
JF/JB0472 PMO Technical Support NSW Contract
JF/SZ0148 Senior Angular UI Developer - Angular, CSS, NodeJS, Bootstrap ACT Contract
JF/SZ0170 Executive Coach - NSW Contract