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Reference # Title Location Worktype Apply
JF/AB1192 Business Analyst & Project Manager - Systems, Applications - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1202 Project Manager - Digital Platforms, ICT - Federal Government Project! VIC Contract
JF/AB1203 ITIL Service Manager / Change & Release Management - ICT - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1204 4x Executive Assistant & Administration Officers - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1205 SAP Business Warehouse Developer / SAP System Support Analyst - SAP, BW/BPC, Remedy ACT Contract
JF/AB1206 4 x .Net Developers - ASP.NET, MVC, C#, HTML5, CSS - Federal Government Project! ACT Contract
JF/AB1207 .Net Developers / Web Application Developers - ASP.NET, MVC, Azure - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1208 Senior Test Analyst - Automation, ESB, ETL, API, SQL- Federal Govt! VIC Contract
JF/AB1211 Business Analyst - Benefits Realisation - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1212 Technical Release Manager - Azure DevOps, Agile, Release, Change ACT Contract
JF/AB1213 Data Analysts / Data Visualisation Reports Developers- Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/NB0007 Analyst Programmer / Application Specialist - .NET, C# VIC Permanent
JF/AB1214 Business Analyst / Business Solutions Designer - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1219 Test Automation Specialist - Data, CI/CD - Federal Government! VIC Contract
JF/EH0213 Part Time Accountant/BookKeeper - MYOB, 3 to 4 days per week NSW Permanent
JF/AB1228 Senior Business Analyst - Infrastructure, Telco - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1229 Deployment Analyst - ALM, Cherwell, Waterfall, Agile, ITIL - Federal Government VIC Contract
JF/AB1223 Azure Platform Engineer / Designer - Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1224 S4 HANA Basis Specialist - S4 HANA, BAU, Cloud - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1225 S4 HANA SAP ABAP Development Specialist ACT Contract
JF/AB1226 SAP Solution Architects - S/4 Hana , Data , Cloud - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1227 SAP Data Migration Architect - MDM, MDG - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0804 SAP Project System Specialist - FICO, ECC, Integration - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1230 SAP Business Intelligence Developer - BW, ECC, Hana - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1210 2x Python Developers - NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, C++, Git & Linux VIC Contract
JF/AB1236 Business Analyst - Data, Systems, Agile - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1233 Senior Cloud Big Data Engineers - Azure, Big Data - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1237 Business Analyst - SAP ERP, S4 HANA- Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1239 Research Analyst - Digital, Health - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/JA0065 Business Analyst - Benefits Realisation - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1104 ADABAS Developer / Mainframe Developer - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JJ1703 User Interface/Visual Designer - HTML, CSS, JavaScript NSW Contract
JF/LS0813 Junior User Centred Design (UCD) Officer - User Research, UX Design - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0053 Principal Cloud Architect - SAP ERP FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/JA0071 Automation Engineer - Ansible - Network, DevOps, CI/CD - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/AB1243 Web Business Analyst - Digital, Websites, Agile - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/SZ0105 Solution Developer .Net - Agile DevOps Microsoft .Net core TypeScript React - FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/AB1244 Benefits Manager - Agile, Whole of Government, ICT, Digital - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/JB0359 Education/Training Officer - delivery compliance education, stakeholder education - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/NL0056 Program Manager - Cyber Security - RAID FED GOVT QLD Contract
JF/LS0823 User Researcher - Agile - Qualitative Research - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1246 SAP Data Migration Specialist - BODS - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0824 Multiple Scrum masters - Salesforce, SAFe Agilist - Federal Government VIC Contract
JF/AR0430 Scientific Software Engineers - C++/Fortran/Cmake/Python - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AR0431 Senior GovCMS (Drupal) Developer - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AB1247 Data Analysts - AAR, deep-dives, Data Analysis NSW Contract
JF/NL0062 System Administrator - Linux, DNS AWS Splunk DHCP DevOps ACT Contract
JF/SZ0111 IT Project Manager - Transfomation, Implementation , Governance - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/SZ0112 Project Support Officer - Ministerial Reporting,Business Frameworks - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1250 Automation Testers / Test Automation Engineers - Selenium, Salesforce CRM, API VIC Contract
JF/AR0437 System Administrator - Linux / Cyber design - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/LS0827 Master Scheduler - Long Term Contract Federal government ACT Contract
JF/NL0065 Software Developer - Cyber Security, Java Python, Linux, Unix ACT Contract
JF/JB0370 Business Analytics Platform Manager - SAS, CI/CD, Data. SDLC, Statistics - Fed Govt NSW Contract
JF/LS0828 Web Developer - HTML, CSS, ASP.NET - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JJ1719 Engagement Support Officer - Digital Program ACT Contract
JF/AR0438 2 x Cloud Architect - Azure / MS 365 / WoG - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JJ1720 Multiple Test Analyst’s– Manual & automation Testing ACT Contract
JF/SZ0113 Cloud Engineer - Azure, M365, Application, Infrastructure - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JB0375 Medical officer / Clinical Investigation Officer - Pharmaceuticals, Epidemiology ACT Contract
JF/LS0829 .Net Developer - ASP.Net - Multiple roles - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0830 Solution Architect - Data and Information Storage - Federal Government SA Contract
JF/SZ0114 Technical Writer - Technical, SOPs, Design Specs - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JB0376 Assistant Director ICT Operations - Service & Asset Management - ITIL, ICT Support - Fed Govt VIC Contract
JF/AB1248 Research & Evaluation Specialist - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/AR0440 Technology / Application Architects - PaaS / SaaS - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0378 Pharmacist / Pharmaceutical Support Administrator - Evaluation, Medicine - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/NL0063 Dynamics CRM Developer - Dynamics 365, Cloud, Dynamics V8, V9 ACT Contract
JF/NL0067 DevOps Specialist - Azure, YAMIL, Cloud, C# - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/NL0069 Developers - CRM, Data Warehouse, SOftware, SQL, VB6 - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/SZ0116 Agile Coach - Scrum, ICT, Azure DevOps, SAFe - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1258 Senior Solution Architect - Web-based systems/ End-to-end Implementations - Federal Govt! QLD Contract
JF/AR0442 Cyber Security Engineer - Splunk/Tenable - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0094 3 x Senior Business Analyst - Agile, Functional, Process Mapping - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/AB1252 Siebel Systems Analyst ACT Contract
JF/AB1254 Full Stack Developer - JavaScript, Vue.js, API, PythonFederal Government ACT Contract
JF/JB0382 Security Governance Coordinator - Compliance, Governance, Emergency management - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JJ1722 3 x SAP Delivery Managers - SAP 3/4 HANA, Procure, HCM, Financials ACT Contract
JF/LS0831 Business Analyst - Multiple Roles - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0832 .Net and Azure DevOps Engineer - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/JB0383 Service Desk Analyst - Active Directory, Citrix, ITIL - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/LS0834 Data System Analyst - Modernization - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/SZ0119 Technical Writers - Technical, SOPs, Design Specs - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/SZ0120 Tester - Automation, .Net Core, SQL, Azure - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0445 Senior Qlik developer - Data Models - Visualisations - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JJ1724 Business Acceptance Coordinator ACT Contract
JF/LS0835 Network Engineer - CISCO- Federal Government SA Contract
JF/NL0071 FullCAM Tester - Jira Spatial Data Testing Software Testing - Reporting ACT Contract
JF/AB1253 Several Business Analysts - BPMN, Systems Enhancements - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1256 Mainframe / Cool Gen Developers - CA Gen - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1257 Technical Build Lead - SAP - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1259 Test Analysts - Automation & Manual - Federal Program! VIC Contract
JF/AB1260 Business Analyst - Data, SQL, BI, ETL ACT Contract
JF/AR0446 Information / Data Architect & Solution Architect - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0096 Multiple .NET Developers/ SharePoint Administrators - HTML5, Azure - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JB0384 Project Support Officer - Report Writing, Documentation, Briefs - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/JB0385 Dynamics 365 CRM Developer - Azure, CRM Solution, 365 Platform ACT Contract
JF/SZ0122 Dynamics System and Support Architect - Azure, TOGAF, EUP - Documentation- Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0447 Web Designer - HTML/ CSS/ JAVASCRIPT - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0386 Technical Records Manager - EDRMS, HPE CM9 - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JJ1727 Interaction Designer / Front End Developer - HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery, ACT Contract
JF/SZ0121 Senior Backup Engineer - Veeam, SQL Cloudian, WMware , ISM - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0448 Senior Test Analyst - Software & Infrastructure - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0101 Business Analyst/ Business Change Analyst - Agile, data enhancement - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JB0387 Scientific Evaluator - Biological Science, Plasma, Gene Therapy - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JB0388 Scientific Evaluator - Scientific Data, Compliance Reviews of Medicine, Toxicology - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/LS0836 Virtualisation Engineer - CA LISA, ServiceV Pro, Parasoft - Fed Govt VIC Contract
JF/SZ0123 Project Manager - AGEIS - Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Large Scale Software Project - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JJ1728 Interaction / Content Designer - Visual, UX, UI, Accessibility (WCAG 2.0). ACT Contract
JF/JJ1729 Agile Project Officers (Multiple) - Agile, Azure Devops ACT Contract
JF/LS0837 Multiple Business Analyst - National Modernisation Program - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1261 Customer Experience / User Experience Design Lead - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1262 Project Manager / IT Applications Project Manager - COTS/bespoke, hybrid ACT Contract
JF/AR0347 .Net/ Back-end Developer - .Net / SQL Server/ Visual Studio - Insurance Industry! NSW Permanent
JF/JB0389 Investigations Officer - Compliance, Regulation, Investigations NSW Contract
JF/NL0073 Technical Applications Lead/ICT Technical Lead - RAID, Security Network, Linux, Firewalls VIC Contract
JF/JJ1731 Solution Architect – Microsoft, Azure, O365, Dynamics ACT Contract
JF/JJ1732 Senior UX / Product Designers – UX, UI, Interaction ACT Contract
JF/NL0074 Cyber Security Specialist & Architect - FED GOVT Cloud VMware Security Architecture ACT Contract
JF/SZ0124 Drupal Developer - Drupal 7/8/9, GovCMS, Javascript, WCAG - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1263 Change and Release Coordinator - CAD, ITIL - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JA0103 Linux Engineer - Cyber, Red Hat, Iaas - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JB0362 Customer Support Officer / Administration Officer - Stakeholder Engagement, Administration ACT Contract
JF/NL0075 ICT Security Specialist - Threat Risk Assessment, Vulnerability PSPF Security Risk Management Plan ACT Contract
JF/AB1264 Mainframe Developers / COBOL Programmers - CICS, DB2 - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1265 Front End Developer / Web Developer - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/AR0449 PEGA Business System Architect - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0104 Systems Analyst - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0390 Level 1 Service Desk Analyst - ICT Support, Onsite, Offsite - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JB0391 Business Analyst - Agile, UX/UI, Requirement documentation QLD Contract
JF/JJ1733 Java Developer - J2EE, JFS, Hibernate, Websphere ACT Contract
JF/LS0838 Scrum Master - Agile - Azure DevOps - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/LS0839 Service Designer - HCD, prototyping, journey maps NSW Contract
JF/SZ0125 Multiple Test Analysts - HP ALm, Jira, Confluence, Selenium ACT Contract
JF/AB1266 Project Manager - Data, Infrastructure - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AR0450 Full stack developer - HTML5/CSS/JavaScript - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/JA0105 Senior Windows Engineer - Cloud, VMWare, Hyper-V, Cyber Security - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/AB1267 Procurement Officer - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JA0106 Digital Accessibility Specialist - WCAG, HTML, ARIA - Federal Govt! VIC Contract
JF/JJ1734 Siebel Designers/Developers - Open UI, EAI ACT Contract
JF/NL0076 Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Specialist PowerBI .NET C# CRM - LONG TERM FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/NL0077 Cyber GRC Lead - Risk operations, Management Alerting ACT Contract
JF/SZ0126 Test Automation Engineer - Salesforce, Selenium, Cucumber, BDD - Fed Govt VIC Contract
JF/JB0392 Research analyst - Reporting, intelligence, information reporting - Fed Govt NSW Contract
JF/JB0393 Scientific Evaluator - Biomedicines, Vaccines, Reporting - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JJ1736 Program Coordinator - Agile, Digital Services ACT Contract
JF/AB1268 Asset Management System - Federal Government VIC Contract
JF/AR0453 Communications Support Officer - Campaigns / Media - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0394 Several ICT Service Desk Analysts - ITIL, Microsoft, Customer Service - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/JB0395 Content Designer - WCAG2.1 AA, Mural, Miro NSW Contract
JF/JJ1717 4 x Platform Architects – WOG, identity, API, Cyber ACT Contract
JF/JA0107 Lotus Note Developer - IBM Notes, Domino ACT Contract
JF/JB0396 Program Lead - Science, Chemistry, Pharmacy - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AB1269 Program or Project Administrator - CAD ACT Contract
JF/AR0454 Security Operations Analyst - SIEM / Cloud Infrastructure - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0397 Multiple Records Management Officers - EDRMS, HPE, CM9 - Fed Govt NSW Contract
JF/JB0398 Graduate Biological Medicines Evaluator/Scientific Risk Evaulator - Biological Sciences - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/SZ0127 Project Officer - Project Administration, Support, Research & Analytics - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0455 BI Report Developer (Tableau) - SQL / ETL - State Government! NSW Contract
JF/JA0108 Project Manager - Project plans - Security Frameworks - Cyber security - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0109 Business Analyst - project artefacts, requirements, stakeholder management - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JJ1737 Cyber Security Specialist - ISM, PSPF, ASD Essential Eight, ASD ISM ACT Contract
JF/AB1270 Procurement Officer - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AR0456 Technical Project Manager / Business Analyst - D365 - Records MGMT - Federal Government! NSW Contract
JF/JJ1738 Java Integration Developer NSW Contract
JF/NL0078 Data Platform Engineer - Elasticsearch Linux Spark Python FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/SZ0129 Senior Network Engineer - Cloud - Azure, Palo Alto, Cisco, Fortinet, Netscaler, VPN - Fed Govt ACT Contract
JF/AR0457 Security Architect - Cyber / ISM / PSPF / Cryptography - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JJ1739 S4 HANA Basis Specialist - S4 HANA, BAU, Cloud - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JJ1740 Java EE Developer ACT Contract
JF/JJ1741 Java Developer/ Full Stack Developer – Java/JEE, React, Angular, Azure Devops ACT Contract
JF/LS0842 .Net Developer - Azure DevOps - .Net core - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0079 Data Analyst - SQL Azure Power BI Agile Prince2 ACT Contract
JF/NL0080 Assistant Director Quality Assurance - Policy, Risk Management & Work Health & Safety WH&S ACT Contract
JF/AR0458 Cyber Security Engineer - SIEM / AWS / AZURE - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0399 Policy Analyst - Reports, Briefs, Policy Documentation - State Gov ACT Contract
JF/JB0400 Strategic Service Design Lead - Journey Maps, Service Blueprints, Service Models ACT Contract
JF/LS0843 Web Designer/Visual Communicator - Interaction, UX - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/JB0401 Digital Product Owner - Agile, Insurance, Safe - Global Insurance Giant VIC Contract
JF/LS0845 Multiple .Net Developers - ASP.Net - Web API - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/SZ0130 Management Accountant - External Budgets - CPA, CA, CIMA - Fed Govt NSW Contract
JF/AR0459 Automation Test Analyst - Multiple - Selenium / Mobile - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AR0460 Windows / Citrix Generalist - Level 2/3 Support - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0402 Team Lead - Contact Centre, Administration, Peer Review - State Gov ACT Contract
JF/JB0403 Digital Product Officer - AEM, CMS, Google Analytics NSW Contract
JF/JB0404 Infrastructure Project Manager - Stakeholder Engagement, implementations FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/NL0082 Software Tester - Agile Azure Sharepoint ACT Contract
JF/JA0110 Program Manager/ Program Director - Operational/Procedural/ Stakeholder engagement - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JB0405 Multiple Complaints and Reportable Incidents Officers - Reports, Compliance - Fed Govt WA Contract
JF/JJ1742 2 x Integration Developers - API Gateways, IBM DataPower, IBM Integration Bus ACT Contract
JF/LS0846 Multiple Systems Analysts/Designers - Siebel, UI/Mobile - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/NL0083 Data Analyst - Power BI, SQL ACT Contract
JF/JJ1743 Infrastructure Project Manager - hybrid cloud solutions, data modernisation, Server infrastructure ACT Contract
JF/JJ1744 2 x Vlocity Functional Consultant - Salesforce VIC Contract
JF/LS0844 Full Stack Developer - .Net - C# - Web API - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/NL0084 SAP FICO Consultant - S/4 HANA - FED GOVT NSW Contract
JF/NL0085 ICT Project Manager - Data Management Program - Stakeholder mgmt FED GOVT ACT Contract
JF/SZ0131 Business Analyst - Agile, Azure, DevOps, Data Flows, Artefacts - Fed Govt NSW Contract
JF/AB1271 Procurement & Contract Manager - Federal ACT Contract
JF/AB1272 Python Developer - Federal Government NSW Contract
JF/AB1273 Senior Infrastructure Architect - Cloud - Virtualisation - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AR0461 TechnologyOne – Implementation Specialists & System Accountants - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AR0462 Cloud Platform Engineer - Infrastructure Solutions - AWS / AZURE - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/AR0463 Business Analyst & System Analyst - D365 Program - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JB0406 TechnologyOne – Implementation Specialists & System Accountants - CPA/CA, FMIS Expense8 ACT Contract
JF/JB0407 Scientific Evaluator NSW Contract
JF/JB0408 Resourcing Partners / Recruitment Specialists NSW Contract
JF/JJ1745 Solution Architect - Web-based, application, Service-based architecture ACT Contract
JF/LS0847 Oracle Developer NSW Contract
JF/LS0848 Software Tester - Web Applications, API testing - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AB1274 Penetration Testers - Federal Government ACT Contract
JF/AR0464 ICT Network Security Engineer - Architecture / Infrastructure - Federal Government! ACT Contract
JF/JA0111 Automation Tester/ QA Tester - Java Cucumber, Selenium, C#, CI/CD - Jenkins - Federal Govt! NSW Contract
JF/JA0112 Business Analyst - Process design , Risk management - Gap analysis - Federal Govt! ACT Contract
JF/JJ1746 Senior Project Manager NSW Contract
JF/JJ1747 Senior Solution Architect (Cloud Security & Infrastructure) NSW Contract
JF/NL0088 Data Manager/GIS Specialist - Spatial/non-spatial, ArcGIS NSW Contract
JF/NL0089 Delivery Manager NSW Contract
JF/NL0090 Cyber Security Assessor - NSW Contract
JF/SZ0117 Functional/ Non Functional Testers - Automation NSW Contract
JF/SZ0132 Systems Security Engineer – SFIA, SCAD, SINT, NIST - Fed Govt ACT Contract