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Industry Trends

They say that when the US sneeze�s, Australia catches a cold. As it turned out, Australia actually seems to have momentarily got sniffles of the GFC and quickly fought off any �cold� like symptoms whilst the US and the rest of Europe look for a cure.

As recruiters, we speak to many organisations on a daily basis and as a consequence we hear employers concerns and optimism. Speak to any recruiter this time last year and you would have been told that �no one� they speak to in the business world is optimistic. That tune is now changing, or so it seems. The business community perception seems to be somewhat in tune with the government and Reserve Bank song and dance that Australia has come through the GFC �relatively unscathed�. Depending on the business we talk to and whether they have been suppliers of technology or finance services, we get apposing views on the state of the economy and the employment market.

In 2009, HiTech's ICT,office Support,Finance and Sales recruitment divisions witnessed employers holding back on hiring new staff and in fact did not foresee any changes for many more months. Those same employers are now in the market for new talent. It is clear that the market sentiment in January 2011 seems more optimistic and there are thousands of new job vacancies available.

The demand for talent is gaining momentum. In recruitment, we hear this on a weekly basis. There is certainly evidence of this and we are all relieved this turnaround has come sooner than the 'experts' first predicted. The fact remains that the search for quality talented individuals has always been a difficult task. Skilled individuals have always been in short supply and now it seems that we will witness an even smaller pool of these candidates as the market picks up more momentum.

Playing catch up has never been a strategy we encourage our clients to follow. We have and will continue to encourage our clients and candidates to seize the opportunities that present themselves with any crisis that may arise. We all know that talented individuals drive a business to great success no matter what 'condition' the economy is in.