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Innovate & Grow

Innovate & Grow


As our world evolves, we rely more on mobile tools to assist us and we must look to innovate. Demand for smarter technology is increasing, while the supply of ICT specialists, facilitating the development of smarter technology, is decreasing. The HiTech solution is to connect innovators and companies with ICT technologists so that growth aspirations are realised. We want to partner with you on your journey of innovation & growth.

If you wish to hire suitable contractors or permanent staff, for your project or company, find out more about HiTech Personnel.

As a job seeker, we offer you the opportunity to connect with innovative thinkers and companies who want to hear your story and see how you can jointly realise your dream.

For the past three decades, the HiTech team, of expert recruiters and consultants, has been at the forefront of building a community of top quality talent that is focused on rare (or hard to find) ICT skill sets for various industries.

We have engaged with more than 500 private sector clients, 1 million job seekers and over 62 Federal and State Government departments to provide hundreds of ICT, Finance and Office support personnel.

The task brief to our team is often complex and very specific. It is what we thrive on - we want the complex jobs, we want the challenge!

Tell us what you want, we will do our best for you to ensure you are happy. That is our promise !